Plummeting Ethics

“This is an article I read today which was forwarded to me by Nikhil (a.k.a Alter Ego). It really made me comment on this once again. What is this world plummeting into?? Sex with boss good for career: Survey ANI[ TUESDAY, JUNE 03, 2003 05:33:41 PM ] LONDON: Office flings have become quite a normal […]


“Heres a statement that I came across that appealed a lot. I wrote an opinion on it >> “”People’s attitudes are determined more by their immediate situation or surroundings than by any internal characteristic.”” Attitude maybe defined as the way of thinking of an person. Attitude is an intrinsic value that is contingent upon myriads […]

Sycophantic World

“Its amazing how people at times condescend to a nadir thats beyond comprehension. Here I am talking about the “”one tight slap“” phenomenon. I have always hated sycophants who grovel at their so-called mentor’s feet. Why cant people just have an identity of their own. I have battled with myslef for many years now and […]

Rock is Dead

“Now dont you pass me the shit bag before i even start speaking.We rockers have always felt this way. I dont know why, but whole of india considers rock to be a music which only crazy people listen to. If you are listening to some rock music, then you will always find the self-called dudes […]