Sycophantic World

“Its amazing how people at times condescend to a nadir thats beyond comprehension. Here I am talking about the “”one tight slap“” phenomenon.

I have always hated sycophants who grovel at their so-called mentor’s feet. Why cant people just have an identity of their own. I have battled with myslef for many years now and have reached just one conclusion. I will never be able to do a job for the rest of my life. Business is something thats on the cards.
At this point you must be thinking that if the whole world thinks this way then there wont be any employees left. But the debate here is not whether you should do a job or not, but how you should do it.

When you do an MBA or something like that, people say you should be proficient in teamwork, diligent in doing your work and all those blahs. But in the end it all boils down to one thing. How well you lick your superior’s asses. And there are people who actually do it. I would never for the sake of it lick anyones ass. Be it a job or anything else.

Dont you think that earning 1000 bucks doing a business gives you more satisfaction than earning 4000 bucks doing a servile job with some asshole sitting on top of you with an ego as large as the pacific ocean??? Well I would definitely opt for the former.

At this point I remember one funny quote:
An organisation is like a coconut tree full of monkeys,
The ones at the top can only see monkeys crawling below,
and the ones at the bottom can only see assholes above!!

Anyway thats my point of view….chew on this!!”

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