That evening I sat and I wrote and I wrote and a million different ideas would pour into my head. Thoughts about why someone never thought of these ideas. They would be discoveries and inventions never attempted. They were ideas of radical thoughts that would alter the way the humanity lives and thinks about its […]


And that’s how you keep going on; through fever, illness, bad health; tired, battered and bruised but still trying to stand tall looking your best. And half the life passes away in this endeavor. But what’s left of you then? Nothing but pieces of your past lying along the way; and losing sight of them […]


We sped through the fields of cables and electricity. Two souls standing on the bridge, watching the day live its dying moments. I stood at the edge of the speeding train watching the world go by as another week ended its cruelty. Life is like the tracks on which this damn thing on wheels runs. […]


Isn’t it every man to himself in life? This question baffles me everytime when people start advising. Its like a movie that you see, but by some weird twist of fate, the world doesn’t want you to see it. Isn’t life about going through all these things? Or is it just a bunch of things […]


Who said life isn’t beautiful? Its as beautiful as a dying dream with the well conjured scenes and hopes left behind in its wake. Life is as tranquil as the flight of a feather detached from the body of that bird, once full of life. Life is somewhere between the spaces of that drunken night […]

Spent Winters

Winter for me is a season of lost innocence. Of days when words didn’t hold with them the weight of the world. Then, before I knew it, time stood still, sweet smoke blowing through my nostrils, the world receding lazily into oblivion and strange visions threatening to take over my mind. I was born again […]