We sped through the fields of cables and electricity. Two souls standing on the bridge, watching the day live its dying moments. I stood at the edge of the speeding train watching the world go by as another week ended its cruelty. Life is like the tracks on which this damn thing on wheels runs. 12:52 says the indicator; we are 14 goddamn minutes late. Boisterous laughter and drunken songs from within the coach. Same old place where we boarded the train for 4 years. It means not a fucking thing now. Whoever said nostalgia lasts a lifetime must be fucking wrong. All that lasts is anger and prejudice and all the things that people want you to forget. The laughter soon gets lost in the dust along the floor, crushed under several oblivious feet. Silent corridors and dead memories.

Calm black skies. Wedding lights glittering below as if begging the heavens, to bless them, the ones who have been accursed all their lives. And there are no answers. Only the empty skies, looking down on them, condescending, mocking.

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