Of Decisions and Wants

“The decision to decide is a decision in itself. I had heard this long back when I was a kid, But the irony of life is that you keep hearing a lot of things but fail to implement even a grate of those.

I have suffered from wrong decisions through my life and I think a majority of you must have. Here I am focusing on the major decision of life which lies in your career. I had taken up Engineering two and a half years back. But now If someone asks me, “”why did you take up engg.?””, I wouldnt know the answer. After the pondering for sometime one obvious answer that would loom would be, “”because my friends were taking it”” OR “”because I thought it has more money””.

But frankly, I think in India this was the trend a few years back. People go for conventional courses and then realise they are totally fucked. I always wanted to do Architecture until I was in my 9th standard, but as soon as I entered my SSC, the goal somehow suddenly changed. Everyone was doing engineering and even I, for some strange reason, wanted to do it.

After spending two and a half years, I realise that engineering is really not for me. I think I would have been more happier doing an architecture course. Alternatively I would have taken up maybe literature in Arts and then a post-grad in Finance.

Later on you always realise that, what is it that you want ultimately?? Money?? Ok now you have the money. What next??
At this junture I remember two quotes said by one of our Professors.

1. A man goes to a sage and says, “”O Holy sage, I want peace””
The sage says, “”Remove the I, Remove the want and you have peace””

2. A man slogs so hard in life that he keeps climbing the ladder, climbing and climbing until he reaches the top.
After he reaches there, he thinks aloud, “”Why cant I still get the satisfaction??””
One of his friends says, “”My friend, all your life you have struggled and struggled and slogged and finally you have reached the top of the ladder. But unfortunately the ladder is resting against the wrong wall.“”

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