Fingerprints Embellished

Memories are like fingerprints.
They cannot be changed, but they fade away.
Always cherish those fond memories, because
In the vaccum of oblivion,
Memories are the medium.

Over the span of time, one turns to realise that memories are as important as the breaths you take. If you forget those memories of your childhood days, you have missed a lifetime. There so many small memories that should be preserved in the crypt of your mind. I think many of you must already know this, but whenever you are feeling down, the best way to perk yourself up is to think about those good memories you’ve had. Think about those times you have spent with your loved ones and your nearest chums.

Digressing a little from the topic, I would like to share a general human tendency that I have noticed. Maybe many of you must have noticed it.

We never really appreciate what we have until its gone.

When one is in junior college, we tend to crib about how bad the things are right now and how good school was.
But when we reach graduate college, then we realise that those fond memories of junior college that we had were one of the best. The first time you saw a porn movie with your friends. The first time you got drunk on a night out. The day when you got screwed in the defaulters list. These are some of them, but they do matter a lot.

Like I said in the quote above, preserve those memories and save them till they last. If they seem to fade away then recall and refresh them.
Memories are your best friend.

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