Spook unleashed & Bollywood tarnished

“Man I couldnt sleep the night before. Sunday night I had gone for the spooky movie “”Bhoot”” and that too in the night slot.

Normally, I am very critical of bollywood movies…I see a very few of them, around say 2-3 movies a year. But tell you something this movie rocked!!
Although its almost a remake of “”The Exorcist””, its made in good taste.
For starters, the screenplay or the photography of the movie “”Bhoot”” is really good. It keeps you on the edge of the seat for the whole movie.
Its not like other bollywood movies which are direct cut-paste movies. Change the actors and lo! you have a brand new movie!!

For years Bollywood has revelled in surrogate stories and photocopied screenplays. I was aghast when I saw a scene from the movie “”Awara Pagal Deewana”” with Akshay Kumar. It was a photocopy of the scene from “”The Matrix””, when Neo enters the building fully loaded with weapons in his jacket. Well that movie had a reason as to why Neo could do all those stunts. Now take the case of this bollywood movie, Akshay kumar does all the stunts done by Neo (yes! the triple kick also!!), albeit without any reasoning.
This is the reason why these Bollywood movies suck bigtime. Of course there have been good movies. But why is it such that the story of every movie can be traced back to Hollywood through one or the other route??

On the other hand look at Hollywood, they make truly amazing movies!! Here are some of those movies:

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