Episode II

“Life takes a turn when you least expect it to. Or sometimes, you are just not prepared to go that way. When I look back at it, it’s been just two weeks.

Just two weeks since I left home. And here I am now on the other side of the country, with people I never knew and things I could never relate to. Its an arduous task to keep myself from having some free time. Yes, free time. ‘Coz thats the only while when I get homesick.

A friend of mine who studies at IIM-Bangalore told me about it. He said, “”I have just one piece of advice. Keep yourself occupied all the time.”” And well, true to its word MBA, does keep me occupied. But at times like these, I really feel like leaving it all and going back. Going back to a place where things make more sense. To a place where I know the people. Back home.

Ahh, well, back here life is hectic. Actually hectic seems to be quite a mild word. The day starts at 7:30 in the morning (and at 6:00 on two killer days). The only thing we arent sure of is, when it’ll end. I dont remember going to sleep before 3:00 on any night in the past one week. And then like the true MBA culture, we make up for sleep by dozing off in class.

I once said, I would never make this a personal blog. But that is precisely what I am doing right now. And well, the only explanation being, this is my only window to my friends now. But hey, I’ll still make sure I keep the number of my personal posts at a low.”

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