Episode – I

Its been quite sometime now since I left Bombay. Almost a week. And about the new place that I am at, I can say only one thing. Its gonna be a hell-hole.

What with no more than 4 hours of sleep everyday!!! And I think its become a regular feature now, people sleeping in B-School classes. I read sometime on Elysia‘s blog about, how she was sleeping in the class. At that time I was wondering how can someone actually sleep in class. But when college started yesterday, it dawned upon me, that I almost fell down twice before nodding off to sleep.

Less than 4 hours of sleep is something with which I have never coped up before. And well, now I have no choice but to accept it the way it is.

When you come to a new B-School, there are egos to tackle and things to do. Well people come with a fixed frame of mind that they should be leaders. They go to the extent of imposing themselves, or atleast trying to, in order to show their leadership. I remember back then in engineering, things were better (I never thought I would say this). And I being the youngest in the batch, am sidelined most of the times. Most of the students have 2-3 years of work experience.

Thats how things go for now. Theres not gonna be much blogging and bloghopping for sometime now. Exams are already around the corner in a months time and there are shitloads of things happening all around. To give a fair idea, there are 10 subjects to be completed and tested till november.

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