The Shatrughan Sinha duplicate recently created a flurry once again, as he roamed the covert nooks of the Parliament as freely as oxygen does.

The real issue here lies in the fact that the officials have arrested the person who posed as shotgun.

I think this is not justified at all. It only goes to show that the officials are trying to put a smoke screen in the front of the real security issue that has shaken the parliament. It was the same gate through which the terrorists had got in, in a preceding incident. The first step that they should have taken should have been maybe to strengthen the security.

Secondly, on what basis did they arrange the man??
A person who was just trying to help by proving that the security is slack should in fact be thanked.

On a more humorous note, I think that they are going to blame the whole issue on ISI or “”foreign hand“”. It is aptly demonstrated in MTV’s One Tight Slap.

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