Cyclic Redundancy Check

Cultures and ethos are cyclic in nature.

Over the years we have seen that the eastern or more specifically the Indian urban culture has seen a radical shift towards the western kind of culture. But it wasnt always like this. We used to have a traditional Indian culture.
And now what we see is that the western countries are gradually moving towards the asia-centric cultural ethinics.

People keep ranting about how we degrade our culture by picking up western trinkets, but my argument would be that this process is cyclic and hence its redundant to talk about it.

Maybe after a few tens of years, when the cultures have exchanged their positions, the cycle will begin again. We will start getting back our inherent culture and the western countries theirs.

It is absolutely trifling to babble about ethos and cultures. Its a process that blows with the whiff of the winds. You cant stop it, neither can you control it.

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