Its Another Sunday

As another lazy sunday began, I woke up to the sound of the newspaper sliding below my door. The newspaper delivery guy also comes in quite late on sundays, I guess everyone needs to unwind and the newspaper guy, deservedly so.

I was in a pensive mood as the day began and felt the need to do something different. So for a change I sat and read the newspaper at length. I came across an amazing article by Manu Joseph. It is so very well written. The beauty of the article lies in its simplicity and when you can portray something as simple as a conversation with a man in a such a subtle manner, its really amazing. The article can be read here.

As I was browsing through various blogs I came across a friends blog which talked about a Tagore poem. This instantly reminded me of a small verse, again by Tagore, that someone sent me long time back. It is so beautifully written. Or maybe I found it so because those were beautiful times. But anyways here goes:

He whom I enclose with my name is weeping in this dungeon.
I am ever busy building this wall all around,
and as this wall goes up into the sky day by day
I lose sight of my true being in its dark shadow.
I take pride in this great wall, and I plaster it
with dust and sand lest a least hole should be left
in this name, and for all the care I take
I lose sight of my true being.

I guess I’ll finish reading one of my Roald Dahl books to end the Sunday on a literary note.

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