Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

“2005 was by far one of the best and one of the worst years of my life. So when 2006 started, there was one resolve. To tie up the loose ends of my life once again and make it a year that I’ll probably never forget. The new year party was a complete booze out. In a way I was trying to wash away all that shouldnt have happened. I dont know what extent I was successful, but it felt good.

As you cut years through your academic career, things like college festivals seem more and more mundane. The kind of feeling you get is that of been there and done that. So it was time for SpringFest 2006 and I had vowed to make it rock. For myself that is. I knew it would be completely different from what I had dreamed a few months back. But what the heck, if wishes were horses, stupid people like me would ride them.

Anyways, so I got a terrific high during SpringFest. The first evening I was high on half a bottle of whiskey and the following two days I was doped out most of the time. The last day was what I was looking forward to. It was the day of the rock band competition and the day Skinney Alley was to play.

A friend of mine rolled 5 joints. A shot of Old Monk to warm ourselves up and we were all packed to go. We were three joints down as the bands came and performed.

By the time Skinny Alley hit the stage we were having the last joint. This time shared by two chinkys who had come from Shillong or some place like that.

As I lay there, high on dope and low on life, the band decided to play “”Shine on you crazy diamond”” by Pink Floyd. The dope did its work and I felt like I was floating down this tunnel and all I could hear was the music. All I could think of was my life’s two faced diamond. One face fading away into oblivion and me wanting to salvage that face at any cost, but all it did was mock me. The other face beckoned me to have a look at it. And I wondered, on which of these faces should the light shine. Then came a rush of water down the tunnel as my throat pulled back my parched tongue. I began to come into my own once again and I saw the band belting out the song’s remains.

I just thought that I should roll another joint.

I aint seen the sun shine in 3 damn days
been fuelin up on cocaine and whiskey
wish I had a good girl to miss me
but I wonder if I’ll ever change my ways
I put your picture away
sat down and cried today

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