Domain Change

The .net top-level domain was originally designed for the companies which provide Internet and related services. Especially for ISPs like VSNL, BSNL, etc.

So now the question stands as to why I changed the domain to from The answer is simple. There was this angel investor who decided, after having a look at the kind of things I had put online, that the word Drumster had become some sort of a brand name in cyber-space. He decided to leverage on the same and wanted to involve me completely in it.

So he has made plans to start an ISP with the name Drumster. This ISP will have an informal touch with the rest of the world by having my blog as the home page and having no commercialization. I am to be the majority stake-holder of the ISP Drumster.

Hence the first step of the process was to switch the domain to .net from .com and we decided to do it right away without any more delays. So there you go. The reason behind the domain change.

If you believed all of the above then you would never believe that my old domain registrar decided to disappear into thin air with my dot-com domain and I had no choice but to buy a new dot-net domain name.

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