Its been more than a month since I stepped into a hostel for the first time with apprehensions galore. But most of them have been nullified by time and experiences. Its been good by far. But looking back at how life was and how it is right now, shitloads of things have changed. To sample a few:

  • Never had I imagined I would be washing my clothes at 3:00 in the night, or rather morning. Heck I had never imagined I would be doing my laundry.
  • I havent seen TV in the past one and a half month. Well back home it was hard to imagine a single day without television.
  • I started playing volley ball, which to many would come as a surprise. Friends would say, you play volleyball?? Family would say, you play a sport??
  • 9 to 12 is never the last movie show. Its always 2 a.m to 3 a.m
  • I travel on a cycle everyday
  • The sole purpose of attending a lecture is to sleep in the air-conditioned classroom. (NOTE: This stunt is performed by professionals. Amateurs shouldnt try this in their own lectures)
  • I am writing a blog at 3:10 a.m.

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