By hook… no, by crook

“Its been years now since the government started imposing restrictions on advertising through the Television media.

But its intriguing how the companies still make sheer mockery of those rules and the officials sit on their chairs doing nothing about them. Take the case of 8PM Apple Juice. I’m sure if we even go to a shop and ask for it, it wont be available. Do these companies even make the so-called apple juice that they proclaim on the TV?? Well I’m sure many of them dont and even the officials might know about it. But they sit there doing nothing about the loop-holes in the laws they make.

To say more, companies like KingFisher give out ads saying they make mineral water. I had been to Goa a few months back (KingFisher’s biggest market) and I tried to test it out by asking a shopkeeper for KingFisher mineral water. And he was like “”Sir, we only have kingfisher beer””. I wasn’t surprised.

Another issue that has always raged is the sheer in-human ads made by the fairness cream companies. I mean how can you proclaim things like if a girl is fair then only she can become an air-hostess. Or if shes fair only then she can get married to a good guy..!! This is utter nonsense!! I believe something should be done to completely ban these kinds of ads.

Its been quite some time since I last wrote. Been completely busy with preparations to leave for IIT Kharagpur. In the meantime I’ve uploaded my snaps from my last trip with my college friends to Lonavala. You can check them out here

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