Goodbye, blue skies….

It still feels like yesterday when we climbed the stairs of this engineering college. And today four years have elapsed since. Each and every moment is still fresh in my mind, like the nectar from a flower. Unmistakably, these were the best four years of my life.

And yesterday was our annual day which is, in theory, the last day of our college. I still remember the very first annual day that we attended when we were in our first year. Never did we have a clue that it would come down to attending the last annual day in such a short span of time. Heck, they were four years. But they dont seem to be.

Yesterday started with the usual dance and drama sequences. These are the very first sequences when everyone has come prepared with whistles and catchy one liners and its out for everyone to hear. Catcalls and hoots are the order of the day. But its all done in good spirit. Even the performers know that they would be missing something if there were no hoots. Such has been the amity in the hall of our annual day. Bhaidas Auditorium, is where the annual day has been happening for four years. And not a thing has changed ever since.

Through this journey of four years, I for one, have matured a lot and have come to know the variety of people you come across in life. In college, there are two kinds of students: outstanding and outstanding. (I was always somewhere in between).

And who would have thought in a million years that the outstanding students were the ones who stole the show yesterday with a completely heart-warming performance. These are the people who are usually found outside the college near the paanwaala, puffing their way to glory. And then there are people who detest and mock them. But little does everyone realise, its not true that only a person who displays emotions, has them. So what if they stand outside smoking and they arent that good in acads, they may have their own reasons. But at the end of the day they have spent as much time in this college as everyone else.

As they put up a completely original dance performance they ended with a graceful sway to the tunes of singer K K’s Yaaron. And they were the ones who deserved and did get a standing ovation. With cigarette lighters burning in their hands and hearts full of fond memories they covered the stage with their presence and it will be remembered for a long long time.

The next was the dance troupe from our class and once again they gave their very best while performing and towards the end, the whole of our class, barged onto the stage. And the dancers were taken by shock as much as they were relieved to find their friends behind them giving support. It was touching as there were hugs all around and words of gratitude flowing.

As the annual day ended with the National Anthem, everyone knew that this is going to be one more arrow in the quiver full of the great days we have had in this college.

Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai,
yeh na ho to, kya phir, bolo yeh zindagi hai

To the class of BE – Electronics and Telecommunications, D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, I’ll miss all you guys, always, and there’ll be a special place in my heart for all those years we have spent together. Forever….

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