The people who have followed my blog for sometime now, will know that a very dear friend of mine met with an accident, when we had gone to Goa. It has been more than two months since.

He was brought to the Bombay Hospital after that and has been in coma ever since. I do visit him at regular intervals, but then one thing that haunts me all the time is that, life goes on for me. And the others. Is it that I have forgotten about him. No. But then I feel so helpless, I just cant do anything, its such a state of mind.

Ever since the accident, whenever I laugh at jokes and am having a good time with my friends, I think about him. And a gloom engulfs me. How can I be laughing and having a good time when my friend is in the hospital. But then what else can I possibly do? Its a juggernaut thats been crushing me all the time.

As far as Keval is concerned, time stopped at 2:00 pm on 17th of January, 2004. While the world still goes on. Heedless. Life is cruel.

Time goes by in the circling skies,
for me its all misplaced in time.
A muddle of thoughts,
in a haze of darkeness. Is it all,
I’ll see in this life?

All those worries have taken a rest,
why, oh why,
have they ceased this fast?

The friends’ greets,
and the peels of laughter,
the warmth of those hands,
mother, why cant I touch you?

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