The monotony of a megapolis leads to interesting relationships.

I have been travelling all over Bombay since about 6 years now…almost everyday. And any discerning commuter would either know this or be involved in relationships as such.

Every morning, as I leave for college, I see this lady, a typical saree clad Maharashtrian cross me and go in the opposite direction. We used to give each other knowing stares as we crossed each other paths every morning. Now as time went on, both of us start our day with a good-morning-smile. Its not that it is a relationship, but a good way to start a day, knowing that a stranger smiled at you.

As you go in a particular train everyday, the other regulars try to make a group. In every train compartment that you go every morning, you’ll find atleast one group of people, who share just one thing in common. They all go in the same train everyday. And they mingle with each other, as time passes, as if they are childhood friends. And strangely, these are the people who be at your side in times of crises. Sad but true. When you are in a crises, family becomes friends and friends become family.

Its strange how complete strangers are brought together just by the monotony and mundaneness of life in a megapolis.

The common bonds that people share sound so very thin but the strength that they possess inherently is, at times, more than a blood relationship.

Scarborough Fair – Queensryche (original by Simon and Garfunkel)
To Bid you Farewell – Opeth

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