A Few Good Men

There are men who lie by your bedside when you are sick……
….and then, there are men who actually steer you out of trouble.

Last week, I had gone to Goa and we met with an accident. A Ghastly one. I shall defer the details, until my friend gets better. But the point here is that an incident like this throws light on the few good men that exist in this world.

We were helped in Goa by some men who were absolutely god-sent. Finding such men would be tougher than finding a needle in a haystack.

There was Nelson who drove us to the hospital without as much as giving a second thought about himself, since this was a police case. He in fact went to the extent of dealing with the police himself.

There was the RTO Commissioner of Goa who was sitting with us the whole night. There was the Manager from the biggest travel agency of Goa, calming us down with his angelic smile and calm demeanour.

These, and many more, were the people who helped us see through an extremely crucial night. As they say, in times of strife, there are always a few god men. May god bless their souls.

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