Develop and Inhibit

The bright side: Its all around us. Its in the newspapers. Its in the air that you breathe. Its in the slip-ons that you wear. Its on that seat you are sitting on. Its on your monitor right now. Soon it’ll be in your head.

India’s feeling good. Never has the mood been so upbeat. Ladies and Gentleman, we are all witnessing the biggest revolution in the past 5 decades of India. We are the children of revolution. The economy is looking up, heck, its staring right into the sky!!! The standard of living is coming of age. The world is being intimidated by India’s progress. Cynics aren’t gung-ho about this and dismiss it saying that its all in your head. But they dont realise, what was in the head was a snarling gargantuan monster and someone has just breathed life into it.

People from Bombay would realise the spate of infra-structural developments. Everyone is scurrying for their chequebooks and money is flowing. Credit cards which were supposed to be the future have become the very current. The bulls at the stock-market are running a stampede from nearly 6 months and they aren’t tired yet. There are malls and multiplexes springing out of nowhere, even in the most subdued parts like Borivli (Bombay) and the distant suburbs. People have begun to spend like they never did before. Cars and automotives have become a part of the standard paraphernalia. Covering the whole length of the city by road, now does not take more than an hour, all thanks to the slurry of fly-overs on the perpetually over-used highway.

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s India (Ohh that share-value just shot up….i’m running…!!)

The Dark Side: The fairer sex is getting drenched in pails of hypocrisy. There are women lobbying the courts and alleys crying foul over womens liberalisation and right to equality. I say take equality, why take preference. When you get into colleges, parliament and every institution under the sun, using your right to being a female (yeah, rite ) wheres the equality?? I think most do not realise what equality means. Here’s the dictionary definition of equality:

Noun: equality
1. The quality of being the same in quantity or measure or value or status
2. A state of being essentially equal or equivalent; equally balanced

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