Fly high up on the sky…

Its that time of the season again when people loosen up their arms and tighten the grips. For this ain’t just a sport or a festival. This is more than that. Its a way of life…..

Kites. Thousands of them hit the sky every year epitomizing the very free spirit. It is one festival that has got the longest prologue and an epilogue.

14th January is the day when it all culminates into a beautiful winter sky complete with all the colors from an artist’s palette. The only things that limits this fest is your imagination. The actual fest is just a one day event, but the kite-fliers loyally start celebrating it right from one month before that and continue for atleast a month later.

Bull-horns, blaring music systems and a faithful pair of sun-glasses form the crux of the accoutre. One look at the sky and it tells you that it has become nothing short of a war ensemble, albeit a friendly one. There are duels. One on one. One on many. But at the end of the day its all square, irrespective of who won or who lost. Fortunate are the people who stay in Bombay for we witness one of the best kite-flying festival this country sees.

So this Makar Sankranti, go ahead and hit the sky, let the mind free and soul high in the seven skies. Lappppett…!!!

So I’m back two days early. Hell, yeah!!! There was nothing that could hold me back from this world any more. I’m back to write my last blog of 2003. In the past one month lots of things have changed. People stopped blogging and then restarted it. Some have conclusively left this world, erasing all their traces in a way that even the CIA would have trouble finding them! But I have no such intention. Until I can, I am always gonna keep blogging.

So the exams are finally over. It was a long and agonizing one month when I could not blog. Nor could I update my site any further. But I’m back .

So the Mumbai Bloggers Meet is coming up in two days. It has been instrumental in throwing up so many blogs from the fellow city bloggers who I didnt know existed…. So on 2nd January, 2004 we are gonna have the first meet, hopefully the start of something new….

So welcome me back people…….and chew me !!!

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