The Grass is Greener

“One of the most compelling stories you come across as a voracious reader is “”The Grass is always greener“”. Written by Sir Jeffrey Archer, it is a part of the short stories collection called “”To cut a long story short“”.

I, probably, am not in a position to write a critique about this piece. But it is one story that has hit me the most. Curious as the human mind is, it would drive us to think. Think about one question. If everyone would live by this principle, wouldn’t hedonism become engraved?

Well, the story talks about a company and how people live in its milieu. Right from the beggar sitting on the brink of the dioramic glass doors, to the head-honcho sitting in a plush office on the top floor. It talks about how each one of them thinks how big his own problems are. As the story unravels itself, it brings out the beauty of the vain human thinking.

Live by this principle and life would be good.

At times pragmatism has to give way to dogmatism. But in their extreme forms both are as cruel as they can be.”

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