The Knight Falls

The pendulum is begining to swing fro.
The hour-glass is about to undergo a reversal.

Its time for the king to resign.
Microsoft has undeniably been the one and only leader when it comes to desktop OSes, Internet Browsers, new technologies and much more. And rightfully so. Skeptics, please stop reading here. People with an open mind, continue to scan.

Hating Microsoft has become more or less a fad or a trend in the geek-world. But like it or not, whatever technology they have invented has gone on to become one of the most popular ones. No point in taking any names here because almost 90% of the people reading this are working a Microsoft platform currently.

But the time has come for the leader to take a backseat.

Enter Linux.
It brings with it hordes of technologies, which vow to and already eating up market space. Capturing peoples heart with unmatched stability and security. Its a gradual process.
With Linux came, the PHP scripting language with is slowly phase out ASP (hard to believe since I am an ASP coder myself ).
Its a domino-fall. PHP takes over ASP, this leads to Windows Servers being taken over by Linux ones.

Red Hat Lunix 9.0 is eating away the desktop space with lightening speeds never seen before. The best exampleis that of IITs. They used to have a 50-50 ratio of Linux-Windows. This has become 80-20 in favor of Linux.

All this makes me construe that the king is no longer agile and active as it used to be.

May its soul rest in peace.

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