Dream Catcher

Whether to dream or not has always been a conundrum.


After all dreams are dreams. Vain in nature and hapless in motives.
What good is a dream which cannot be achieved? It is plain wishful thinking which can push a man to the brink of desperation and hence, frustration.
Rightly it has been said: “”If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.””
Dreams give a man false hope. Hope of something which he can never achieve. The world is pragmatic. Dogma does not last for more than a few grey cells. Dreams should be taken in the least seriousness. They are only a psychological process that one cannot avoid.


‘We dream of what we can, not what we have,
and we work for not what is but what can be

— Daewoo

To make a great dream come true, you must first have a great dream.
The illimitable success stories strewn all around our society are the product of endless and tenacious dreams. Dreams are the lights that show the way to the blind. Infinite in nature, subsuming in their grasp, dreams do not differentiate between the affluent and the penurious, or between the visionaries and the blind.
Much more than wishful thinking dreams add a new dimension to a monochrome life.

Dreams enable success and success enables dreams.

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