Circa 1989: A Life Long Gone

“On my way through the blog-world, I came across nostalgic posts from Ankh and Sapna. And I went on retrograding and reminiscing the old times. Particularly the good ol’ school days.

Circa 1989. I remember when I was in primary grade (Std. First to Fourth), Dad used to come to drop me and my Sis to school everyday. We had (we still have..) this porch in our building where pegions used to assemble every morning as if they have come to hail the monarch. I and my sis used to carry grains for the pegions in the caps of our water bottles. A few weeks after we started taking the grains for ’em, they actually started waiting for us to come and they used to flock together in a huddle….

There was a nice, clandestine shortcut to our school, from where we used to go. We used to throw stones and catch some mangoes, in its season, on our way back from school. Darn, all that is now gone…A huge concrete building stands in the once sylvan path trodden by many tiny-tots.

Come rains and there used to be puddles of water in our school. When physically you are the size of a dwarf even a puddle seems like a sea. I still remember the small paper boats we used make and sail in the turbulent and rocky seas.

The endless waits for the recess bell to ring in the school, the shouts of “”We want Holiday””, the celebration of the birthdays of all the kids (whether you know them or not) are just some of the highlights in the memory. Those were the days of innocent friendship, free-wheeling life, trysts with nature, curiosity about things of life.

These are some Scenes from a Memory (Prats, once again), that I’ll never ever forget.

Living this charade
Is getting me nowhere
I can’t shake this charade
Home… It’s what I long for
Back home… where I belong
Dream Theater

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