p2p will never die..!!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the following excerpt are solely that of the author and he doesent give a shit to what some people think. It is not influenced by anyone or any software as such.

It all started when some cool dude who goes by the name of Shawn Fanning was sitting somewhere thinking of a revolution quite unaware himself. But the drop of fuel that he poured was enough to ignite the whole world. There was born Napster and the domino fall of the music companies.

Then came Audiogalaxy which was shut down by a court-ruling. Up came KaZaA. The case against that is still pending. But lemme tell you something. No court in the whole world is capable of entirely stopping p2p.

I think all the media moguls from the big recording houses like Universal, Warner Bros., Sony are the biggest asses in the whole world. . I cant imagine that they do not understand one simple logic. Decrease the prices of the CDs and p2p will automatically breathe its last. The biggest profit margins are available in the music industry. They must be reaping profits of atleast a few hundred percent on each CD or cassette. They dont want to decrease the prices but still wish that people would stop downloading free music. Is it possible?

Not quite.

P2P will always rule the internet.

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