3 Deewarein

Bars of steel and people shouting behind them. Trapped in the three walls with cops whiplashing them. This is the scene in a trite bollywood movie.

But not with Nagesh Kukunoor. He is and was always known for breaking away from tradition. In his new movie 3 Deewarein, he subsumes a very subtle yet mind-numbing portrait of the 3 walls called the prison.

Its hard to imagine Nagesh Kukunoor with the typical hyderabadi accent that he sports. He is fast joining the league of the versatile actors of bollywood, few as they are.

The society condemns the criminals for the punishment that the judiciary gives them. But has anyone tried to understand, under what circumstances the crimes are committed? Or are they actually committed?
There have been several cases, where a so-called criminal is convicted of a crime he had never committed. And after a few years the slow judiciary realizes what a grave error it committed. But because of that one error, several lives would have been irreparably damaged.

In the High Courts alone there are about 2 million cases pending. The smaller courts have got an even greater backlog.

Where is the respite??
Where is the redemption??

Does the Indian Penal Code have a clause to punish the people who punish others??

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