Bash ‘Em Up

“It has become more or less a fad to bash Microsoft whenever possible. Talk to any person who has got a little bit of computer knowledge and he will be the first to say, “”Microsoft is the worst of all….No stability…No strength….high propietary prices”” and the other BLAHs.

But come next day and the same person will be busy using Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger and the likes.

The truth is, do what what you can, but you will never be able to take, the gargantuan monster called Microsoft out of the software/internet world. I almost had a laugh when people filed anti-trust and monopolisation lawsuits against Microsoft. I mean is it all you can do?? It was really the last tug that they could have given to grab a pie of the market share. It would have been really sad if the judiciary had succumbed to splitting Microsoft. Thankfully they did it to a lesser degree. Really, it’s not fair to tear apart someones vision. Its like telling them, “”OK. You have given us a great operating system. Now you give us the source code for it, and get the hell out of the market.””

Microsoft did not do anything wrong in bundling some software with its operating system. It has every right to do that. After all the vision called Microsoft wasn’t setup in a day. It was the collective effort that finally paid off. Even today people do not refrain from bashing the ubiquitous Windows XP. But yet when they develop a new software, they go ahead and copy the Microsoft look for the interface. Why??

The funniest part being that, the new Red Hat Linux 9.0 (Linux is growing to be an arch rival of windows) has copied the soft XP look for the Graphic Interface . I think this conclusively proves that Microsoft still rules the roost.

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