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Okay, normally this is something that I absolutely ignore, but I was tagged by Aurora Sky and I’m taking it up this time. I have to give 7 weird/ random things about me. So then here goes:

1. My music taste – I only listen to anything that is classified under rock/metal and I listen to Ghazals. (Does anyone find that weird? A lot of my friends do.)

2. I am shit scared of ghosts and ghost movies. But if someone talks about a haunted place, I would be the first person to go and explore that place.

3. <Redacted on 25/10/2013>

4. I used to listen to sick pop music (backstreet boys, boyzone, etc.) till standard 11. After that my music taste changed overnight.

5. Once in school, I had scored higher marks than what was calculated on my paper. I never bothered to tell the teacher cause I didnt care. I got scolded very badly for not saying that I have got higher marks. (I was totally confused, honestly)

6. I had asked a girl out for the first time when I was 21, cause I had heard she had a crush on me. I was shivering while we ate in silence.

7. I want my death to come as a sky-dive without a parachute.

I dont think I know of 7 people who still continue to blog. I will pass the option of tagging 7 people.

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