She was like a mystery to me. I was never able to unravel what lay beneath those pages of foreboding. She seemed to be intangible whenever I wanted to touch her, talk to her. Then she would come down like rain on a cold winter night, beautiful yet surprising. She never seemed to amaze me with her sheer timing. Its just like giving that last extra tug to someone falling off a cliff – to pull him up. And yet I long for her, every day, every month, waiting, breathing hard at the impending doom, only never to meet it. The hours in her company seemed to compete with my shadow, never leaving me, still distant. Untouchable.

Her life changed, completely, the day we became God’s pawns in the game of chess. Mine continued on its course. Two pawns seperated by the checkers of life. Patience is a virtue, and so one of them was taught. Hope is a virtue quipped the other. Yet I knew, I would see her again. So what if we were being played on in this game. So what if each one of us had to guard our own sqaure. Some said, life goes on. In an existential sense of the word, yeah, it does go on. But yet, I shall never live again.

And I still lurk in her shadow, breeding on her virute of hope, patiently.

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