Down with Arjun!

These are the old days,The bad days,
The all or nothing days. They’re back.
There’s no choice left…

…. Its blood for blood and by the gallon.

And thus goes Marv from Sin City. If only the same would apply to the situation here. Maybe it would if all were to wake up. The people of India have waited long enough and hard enough to withstand these corrupt politicians who won’t even think twice about selling their own mother for two pennies if they are getting a hundred votes. The talks of which party is good and which party is not are over. Everyone’s been there, done that and ruined India along the way.

Lets take the case of the recent controversy of reservation which is blowing hot and is threatening to engulf the whole nation. It all started when one petty politician, who wasnt in the news enough before and wasn’t in the good books of our firangi leader Sonia Gandhi (seems like we have finally outsourced politics also) wanted desperately to ‘change’ things wherein he hit upon a jackpot of an idea to divide India on casteist lines.

Little did he have a clue about how it will backfire (Read all about the background here). It has backfired and quite badly. Look at the unrest everywhere. Students from all fields, medical, engineering and every other branch have revolted against this. And how?!!!!

Corrupt police officers have been caught all around accepting bribes and the levels of their frustration are increasing. It all shows in the merciless thrashing and caning of the doctors/engineers of tomorrow. These students who will be the future of our country are being whacked for no crime of theirs. Evil breeds evil. I won’t be surprised if some of these get involved in organized crime at some point in their life. Grudges like these can never be alleviated.

India is poised for a civil war. Winds of change are blowing and its perfect weather to launch a counter-strike against the government. India needs a dictator. Maybe not someone as fanatic as Hitler, but someone who can control the whole country and hit these politicians where it hurts the most. Their livelihood. But first we need a civil war. A war that will destabilize the entire administration. Its bound to happen sooner or later.

I remember a quote in Outlook Magazine many years back which was something as follows and which is very apt for the occasion:

In this world order,
Sovereignity has no border,
Yankee Doodle has his way,
No one else can have a say

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