Onto the tail of great books

“Sometimes it takes more than just the will to get into the groove and start reading again. Ever since I started my internship in this city of Chennai, I had nothing to do after coming home in the evening. Out came the desire to read, because of the lack anything else. But once I resumed after a good break of 2-3 years, it felt good. I started reading on and off with a few books in the last semester. The four amazing books I read were:

  • Catcher in the rye – J. D. Salinger
  • Vernon God Little – DBC Pierre
  • English, August – Upamanyu Chatterjee
  • Snapshots from Hell – Peter Robinson

Two real good books that I have been currently reading are:

Moth Smoke – Mohsin Hamid:

This is one of the most disturbing book I have read. It leaves you with a sense of sympathy as well as admonishment for the protagonist of the book. Delicately set during the era of the nuclear race between India and Pakistan, the young Daru finds himself staring at closed doors as the story unravels. It makes you think twice whether it is a matter of his doing. At times, opinions change but the truth remains to be seen. It is the sad ending of one very promising youngster. It is the story of his decline.

On the Road – Jack Kerouac:

I am yet to finish this one, but the kind raw energy the Dean Moriarty exudes leaves you exhausted as you go alongwith him on the road. As they say on the back cover book, this story sold a trillion levis and a million espressos and urged thousands of kids to hit the road. Jack Kerouac has put a finger on all the subtle dissatisfactions that emerge in ones life. It gives you that sudden urge to hit the road. To take a backpack and a car and hit the nearest possible highway with no money in your pockets. I “”dig”” it man!!

Read these books. They are the best ones I have read in a long time and I believe a lot of people out there would agree.

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