“The year gone by was one of the best and the worst in my life. Going to sign off for this year now and will return only when I pick up the pieces and find the ones missing. So long my friends, have a great year ahead and hope you all had a good year […]


“The grass of this world has hit me high on the head. Flying in a blue dream. Wow, I’m sick of doubtLive in the light of certainSouthCruel bindings.The servants have the powerDog-men and their mean womenPulling poor blankets overOur sailors I’m sick of dour facesStaring at me from the tvTower, I want roses inMy garden […]

Domain Change

The .net top-level domain was originally designed for the companies which provide Internet and related services. Especially for ISPs like VSNL, BSNL, etc. So now the question stands as to why I changed the domain to from The answer is simple. There was this angel investor who decided, after having a look at […]