Shiny new cab

Night breathes a new life into this city. The wind breaks against my face as alcohol resists the ambition fueled progress. Around me are vehicles driven by the helpless and the hopeless. Another weekend descends upon this undeserving populace. The air is laced with dust from the convoluted development that happens in this city which […]

The Arctic Dream

With mad dreams of living in every city we visit, we started walking on the narrow streets of Oslo’s down town. In these streets you would expect cars and trams to jostle for space and possibly be constrained by the design, but to our surprise, the traffic was as smooth as can be expected. Oslo was our first port of call in Norway as we embarked on a 10 day vacation to the land of the midnight sun.


A quart of whiskey. A pack of cigarettes. Life pissed away while waiting for something to happen. Loneliness. Hysteria of being alone. The search. The failure. The pretensions. The sadness. End it all. Drink it away. Wish you don’t wake up. Hope for utopia. Hatred for mankind. Where does it all end? Struggle. Constant struggle. […]