The Clubs

“OK. I am frustrated. I’m starting three new clubs. If you want to join you can leave a comment, why should we (okay, so right now its I) consider you for the membership.

  • The I-hate-ferrari Club:
    So Ferrari once again had two cars on the podium. And it really got me thinking, does Michael Schumacher deserve any of the recent credit that he has been attached. It is solely on the basis of the car strength and the pit strategy that he has won so many races in the past few seasons. Well in the meanwhile, I continue to hate ferrari and Michael Schumacher for reasons plenty. I support Renault and Fernando Alonso. And the debate continues…. Join the club today. Membership open.
  • The I-hate-corporates Club: Once again its time to get rid of my long hair and the beard. As someone had rightly put it, “”another one bites the corporate dust.””
    Well its one notion that I have never understood. People say the Indian corporates are almost in their prime now, but i still wonder why is that narrow-mindedness still rampant in the industry. Have very small hair and a clean shave have become like the killer un-written rules for the people who go for interviews. If a person who has longish hair and a goatee, there are very clear frowns on the faces of the panel. Why?? I mean cant you recruit a person for who he is rather than what he looks like? When a person with the looks i described, walks into an interview room, theres a typical mental block that sets in. Its something that I have begun to hate time and again. The saddest part being I have to go through the whole thing once again…
  • The I-hate-my-grandmother Club: There are times when I think about the lives of some people and realise that they were really waste. Complete waste. Picture my grandmother. All she has done in life is grow up, get married, raise kids, grow old and now lie around house all day. And I cant believe she spent 75 years doing that. And now all she does everyday is crib about her own family and plot how to make others look like villains. And she lives on…
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