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“All along there are instances when things, people, artists and bands are over-rated. Maybe its just my perception, but nevertheless its what I believe. Its been some years now since I got into rock music.

I tried listening to quite a lot of genres in rock but some genres and some bands really never lived upto the hype that they were given. The Beatles have always been a big name ever since they were given their big break. But I have maintained, and still do, that they are terribly over-rated. On the contrary there have been bands who never got their due. And still belt out songs with stupendous passion.

I was introduced to this band called Opeth a year back by Rohan. It was supposed to a death metal band as branded by quite a few and I was quite aversive to listening to it initially. But as I tried a few songs I realised the diversity in the music. I’m sure half of the rockers also havent heard about Opeth, leave aside any one else.

There are songs like Patterns in the Ivy and Still Day Beneath The Sun by them, which are so good that u can just keep listening to them.

And its not only Opeth there are so many bands out there who never got the due credit. Talk about Indian bands. There are bands like Zero and Parikrama who have immense talent and a terrific sound. But whats happening? They are just wilting away their time being branded as amateur rock acts by people who dont know the ‘r’ in rock.

Its mostly the unnecessary media hype that creates overrated bands.

An extremely funny incident happened today. I was at the medical store buying some medicines for dad. This lady walks in and asks the shop owner for Glucon-D. The guys starts meting out his advice saying that if her kid has typhoid then there are special medicines available and that she should not give Glucon-D. He started taking names of medicines and saying that he saw her in the morning walking with her kid, all the while trying to be the smart guy. The lady was standing there calmly listening to all that he had to say. In the end when he stopped, she coolly said, “”I’m a surgeon myself””

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