Plummeting Ethics

“This is an article I read today which was forwarded to me by Nikhil (a.k.a Alter Ego). It really made me comment on this once again. What is this world plummeting into??

Sex with boss good for career: Survey

ANI[ TUESDAY, JUNE 03, 2003 05:33:41 PM ]

LONDON: Office flings have become quite a normal story since people spend most of their time at their work place.

A new survey of more than 1,000 workers has found that one in two workers have an affair with a colleague at the office. And the most popular methods of getting promotion these days include having sex with the boss, blackmail and sabotaging other people’s work.

One-fifth of them acknowledged sleeping with the boss just to get a promotion. It also showed that many employees are prepared to cheat, lie and stab work-mates in the back to get on in their jobs.

Researchers found that one in five people regularly claim credit for work done by a colleague. A staggering one in three had attempted to get a work-mate sacked while two-thirds admitted to flirting to get their own way, according to a report in The Sun.

Seven in ten said they were willing to cover up for a colleague’s extra-marital activities by lying to that person’s partner.

But, despite their own faults, four in five were worried about the ethics of their company.

The survey was ordered by Paramount Home Entertainment to coincide with the video release of Changing Lanes, which stars Ben Affleck as a worker who marries his boss’s daughter to get on.

I think there are a lot of factors which can determine such kind of behaviour. The pith of these would be the loosening of company ethics. I think more and more companies nowadays do not give a damn about company ethics. Its become a rat race in which you have get a job done, by hook or by crook, mostly the latter. In the cases mentioned above when will the employees show such behaviour?? Only when there is a +ve reaction from the opposite party. Secondly, a factor for this rat race can be attributed to the unnecessary employment by the company. There are companies which employ certain number of people every year to maintain an outlook that the company is still going good guns. When there is such horizontal expansion, its but obvious that the race for getting up the hierarchy will aggravate.

All in all, it just makes my determination stronger that I will not be doing a job for the rest of my life.”

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