Metrosexual, eh?

I have heard this term innumerable times in the past few months. It almost suffocates me everytime I read an article in the newspaper.

Speculations. Isn’t it the pillar on which the entire media industry works on?

The term got hyped in reams of newspaper print and in those condescending glam interviews. At this point one wonders, why is it specualtions? Well I would like to present my point of view on the term Metrosexual.

In one word – Bullshit

Let me elaborate more. The sole personality they tend to associate Metrosexuality is David Beckham. Now sincerely, how many of us existing males, come even remotely close to that kind of grooming? Well I dont know of any.

If people think that staying clean by cutting nails and shaving arm pits is a sign of metrosexuality, then please excuse me while I barf. But the excesses of wearing thongs (ugh) and having facials done and painting nails, is something that I havent witnessed to date. And I think most of the males around here would agree with me, it wont even be happening in the future, not atleast for themselves. So then does not the term gain a rank in being even more ephemeral.

It is one of those many publicity stunts created by desperate journalists craving to cash in on the unnecessary hooplah about things that are really not. How can you generalise a term and write endless articles on how a man is turning into a metrosexual? Is the coverage of journalism constrained to those higher echelons when it comes to money and fame? Its something worth pondering.

While I try and nullify the (bullshit) concept of metrosexuality, one more question comes up as a harbinger to it. Is jounalism really losing its glory in the cosmetic labyrinth of Page 3? Is it dying a slow death triggered by the poison called glamour?

Maybe this will be next in line…

Next issue’s theme for Motif Magazine : Fairground

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