Here I go again….

How many roads must a man walk down,
before you call him a man
How many seas must a white dove sail,
before she sleeps in the sand
How many times must the cannonballs fly,
before they are forever banned
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind

There goes yet another 4 year war of life. There always comes a time in life when you ask the same question, how much more till I reach there. The question is where? Like someone said, for most, life is like a ladder, you keep on climbing it and at the end some reach the top. Finally, you realise that the ladder is resting against the wrong wall. Well now I have ample time to think about that ladder and try to scale it.

So the fact right now remains, I am back!!!! And how?!!
And hey Mr. DJ dedicate the next song to that guy who looks the happiest, he is finally out of engineering!!

Well exams got over yesterday and it was time to party and party late in the night. Plans made and shirt sleeves rolled, we rolled out our babies from their stables. Yeah yeah, the cars

And it was our regular watering hole once again. Toto’s Garage Pub. It was a guys night out as all the girls were conveniently left behind snugly at their homes. And well the music as usual was mindblowingly superb. Its a treat for rockers and retro-packers like us. It was amazing as everyone felt as if the biggest burden had been lifted off their shoulders. We guzzled beer life water. And then it was time to hit the road at 12:30 am. We went to Juhu and were hanging around on the beach, taking a general perspective of things that are about to come and things that have gone by.

Well I’m standing by a river
But the water doesn’t flow
It boils with every poison you can think of
And I’m underneath the streetlight
But the light of joy I know
Scared beyond belief way down in the shadows

4:00 in the morning we reached home and that was one more night gone by. Well it wasn’t just another night. It was probably one of the last nights we have had together for a few years at the least. Everyone is going their seperate ways. A few people going the IIMs and one to IIT. Others taking up their jobs and things are beginning to take shape.

My friends are so depressed
I feel the question of your loneliness
Confide…’cause I’ll be on your side
You know I will, you know I will

So here I am, back in the blogosphere.

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