Another night bites the dust

“For me it was a party for various reasons. The study leave before the exam was about to start and Motif magazine was complete and would be launched the next day.

Saturday night it was and as luck would have it Sid’s folks were out of town. And so we didnt need no invitation. I picked up Sudi on the way and there we reached his place. Three friends meeting after a long long time and plans to booze.

As we settled down at his place and the customary hellos (with some more customary swearing) were there. It was time for night shopping. We left his place at about 10:00 to go and shop for our ‘stuff’.

Going with the stealth of a tiger we sneaked out of his building and reached the daaru shop. White Mischief (vodka) and many many beers it was. We sneaked back in the building with utmost precision and as we settled down it was time to start. In the comfort of his folks’ bedroom, with the a/c running full blast we sat down with the beer bottles. It is usually understood that on a night of boozing, beer is the starter.

We talked at end about whats happening with each one and what are all of us planning to do. A few revelations and laughs later, it was time to hit the jukebox, as i was carrying my CD pack with me. Vodka shots were poured and it all started with Blind melon.

# No Rain – Blind Melon

Sid went wild with the music, he loves such kind of songs and so do we. Next on the list came,

# Tears in the heaven – Eric Clapton

By this time we were down with three shots of vodka and alcohol seeping in the head. At this time strangely my cell buzzed. It was a message from Apple. I was surprised to see a message from her. But i’d told her that i was gonna be out boozing that night. And strangely enough I started replying with song names that I was listening. I dont even remember what I had messaged her. Okay so I was on a high.

We introduced Sid to the music of Rammstein and Coal Chamber and he was like, “”what world was I living in”” and instantly took to headbanging!!

# Ich Will – Rammstein
# Sway – Coal Chamber

So by now we were done with what Sid loves to call, aadha khamba of vodka.

And then came his favourite,

# Wonderwall – Oasis

And I cant believe that we were actually headbanging to Wonderwall!!!! Gawwd we must have been really high. It was time for more shopping, we had run out of vodka and I wanted more beer. Strangely Vodka wasnt tasting good that day (or was it just me?). So I had to have it with sprite. We went and got a few more beers. And then came…

# The Unforgiven – Metallica

# Nothing Else Matters – Metallica

…….and truly nothing else mattered at that moment, we were all learning to fly ……

# Enter Sandman – Metallica

…… we were all knocked out and sleeping. Then was the day long hangover.”

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