To all bloggers,

We are starting an online magazine named Motif.
It will be launched this Sunday. It is a literary magazine, which will be updated every alternate Sunday.

Motif is a theme-based magazine and every issue will have its own unique theme on which most of the articles will be based. Of course there is space for 5 articles which do not stick to the given theme and are under a more General category.

Readers can submit poems, prose, fiction, art and animation to be included in the issue. These will be sorted out by the editor and published in the magazine every fortnight.

You can start sending submissions to

So come sunday we will be unveiling Motif. It can be visited at

The theme for the first issue is aptly “”The Beginning“”. This magazine is edited by Rahul Soni, designed by Nikhil Pahwa (NixxiN) and coded by me

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