Ephemeral Days These..

First it was years, then it was a few semesters and finally it has come down to counting the last few months together.

The four of us: Me, Uddhav (Juju), Sudarshan and Narain have been best of the friends ever since we met 6 years back in the First Year of Junior College. The two years that we spent back then were the very best and will remain so, probably, for the rest of ours lives. Whenever we meet, we remember those days and try to go back to those places we used to hang out. It brings back flashes of what we were like and incidents that made us laugh and cry.

As fate would have it, after our HSC, the four of us landed up in four different colleges spread out throughout the city. That left us with only weekends to catch up. But you have to admit that the bond of friendship only grew stronger with time, even though we never had the time to meet everyday.

But atleast we met on weekends. Atleast we were in the same city. Come August and the four of us will be parting ways for a long long time. Juju, Sudi and Narain are going to the US for their MS. And I’ll be doing my MBA here in India at IIT, Kharagpur. They’ll be at seperate universities spread out all over USA.

I’m gonna miss these days.

Days that we passed strolling along the promenade of Marine Drive.
Days that we spent hogging outside the college campus.
The days of travelling for endless hours in local trains.
The windy early morning walks to the college.
All the laughs we had together over trinkets.

….. And then we’ll be counting years.

Another span nears an end
leaving a handful of memories,
I start to take another bend
to a different set of stories.

As I begin on my way
nostalgia, it creeps up again,
myriad emotions subsume me
Oh I want that feeling of pain.

Myriads of Moods

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