Hidden Hell

One man has killed his entire family.

In the past few days dad was running around, because the wife one of his acquaintences, who owns an office on the same floor as his, was on her death bed. No one knew the cause. All the doctors said initially was that her liver is giving away and she had just about 4 hours to live. And true to their word, she did die after a few hours. The next morning dad got a call and he rushed to the cemetary.

Today, one day after all this happened, the word about her death is finally out. The man had AIDS. He used to go to Goa frequently on his so-called business matters since many years. And he had contracted AIDS immediately after he got married, which probably he did not know at that time. But later on he did come to know, but he hid it from the entire world. He has two kids. One girl (12 years) and one boy (9 years).

The entire family has AIDS.

The wife is already dead. The man will die in a maximum of a few years. What about the children?
On occasions like these I think the man should be sentenced to capital punishment even though is going to die anyways. Hasn’t he killed an entire family?? His own family. He gave birth to two children even though he knew he had AIDS. Its like you keep on painting even if you know that the canvas is torn in the middle.

No. I have no pity for that guy. I’m sorry for his wife and his kids. But not the man. These are the actual anti-social elements, a term that has been buried in sheaths of red-tape by our bureaucrats….

I’ll pray for them. Some of them.

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