Are you crazy!!

“I havent ever in my life seen assholes bigger than the ones who sit on those high pedestals at the recording companies. The so-called music labels.

I have been around in these p2p networks for quite some-time now and am in quite a position to make some comments on these assholes. Most of us despise these music labels for dishing out albums at rates as high as hundreds and hundreds of bucks. Then tell me, does it not make perfect sense to spend much lesser bucks on the internet downloading songs and burning ’em onto CD albums?

I have always wanted to bury the record companies alive and recently the furore was revived by the band KoRn who have blatantly released a song against the record companies. And quite rightly it is.

When I was in Kolkata recently I checked out Planet M and saw that the CD “”Live Era 1987-1993“” by Guns N Roses was priced at a whopping Rs. 700. Here’s the equation. I pay Rs. 950/month for my cable internet connection which gives me unlimited time and unlimited downloads. If I want I can download atleast 10 Albums a month, which, if I had bought, would have cost me atleast 3 to 4 grands!!!

Now tell me, ain’t the logic quite subtle??

So here’s once again to all those record companies and music labels…. UP YOURS!!

Well I been watchin’
While you been coughin
I’ve been drinking life
While you been nauseous
And so I drink to health
While you kill yourself
And I got just one thing
That I can offer

Go and save yourself
Take it out on me
Go and and save yourself
Take it out on me yea

Well I’m not a martyr
I’m not a prophet
And I won’t preach to you
But here’s a caution
You better understand
That I won’t hold your hand
But if it helps you mend
Then I won’t stop it

Go and save yourself
Take it out on me
Go and save yourself
Take it out on me
Go and save yourself
Take it out on me
Go and save yourself
Take it out on me yea

Go if you want
And I’ll see you in the bottom
Where you crawl
On my skin
And put the blame on me
So you don’t feel a thing

Audioslave – Cochise

More dope on KoRns new album and “”single””, click here.

All I need is a barrel of beer and a life without a tear.
I was on a roll a few weeks back. The tide is now turning and the tables have turned.
My results are out and I got a lousy 59%, when people all around me are celebrating first classes.
The Kharagpur interview didnt happen. I did not get selected to the School of Management.

Did someone say India won??”

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