Memories are Fingerprints

Yesterday I had an exam. And it was quite a co-incidence that my centre turned out to be my alma mater.

It was K. C. College, Churchgate. The college in which I spent the two best years of my life. As I entered the college campus, I was greeted by an absolutely brilliant looking campus and a completely refurbished building. I was overjoyed to see that my college had progressed since those days. The infra-structure had become impeccable. The look was dapper with granite walls and floors surrounding us. It was time for the exam so I rushed for it. The exam went fine and then I decided to go up and check my old classes & labs to see how they look now.

Climbing the steps of my old college somehow did not evoke the same emotions and comeliness as it did before. I waited to see my class. I was sure that my class that was for two years would definitely welcome me with flashing memories of the fun we had together. As I took a peek inside and waited for the memories to come back, it didnt happen. The class was not the same. It just felt as if someone had whitewashed all our memories. And it no longer existed. I missed the broken fans and half dim tubelights.

But I still had hope. I climbed a floor up and thought that the labs would be the same. But no. Everything had changed. I moved around and came near the chemistry lab. Ahh!! Now there was something familiar. The disinct odor of the chemistry lab. How can I forget those days. Burning lab coats in fumes of sulphuric acid and dissolving those unwanted things in Nitric acid. Those were the days.

I realised one thing. Try as you may one can never pull apart memories from physical surroundings. The are both closely interwoven.

….And memories are like fingerprints. They can never be erased, but they slowly fade away.

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