Mumbai Bloggers Meet and more..

“Assigning faces to online identities is something that most of us have never done before. But yet the feeling of amity and comradeship was unmistakable. The whole atmosphere was like that of a winter evening coffee carnival. I probably will be one of the many people who will be writing a review of the meet, so let me keep it terse, lest the brickbats find their way around me.

As a matter of fact I had never ever met any of the bloggers. And it was real good fun getting to know what they do. And there were many shockers in there too, like Toinks works for Rediff (hey toinks, aint that “”toinkdom one”” ). Jottingz and Ms. Madmax (thanks for the present) were extremely sweet with their characteristic cuddles. Arun of blockhead fame is also a real nice guy (cheers man )

We rockers had a ball, with Rohan and Prats jammin’ up. And it was awesome fun meeting the Buhaha gang (Scarab, Andy, Vighy and Russel). As the evening went, songs flowed but lyrics didnt, much to the ire of Mr. Rohan .

It was fun to talking to Ashi and her daughters Shibani and especially Sakshi. I may have forgotten a few names here, but overall everyone was in high spirits, and it was nice talking to all of them.

Finally at about 10:15 people started leaving and Sapna and Jaideep suggested that we join them at On Toes, Juhu. So we all agreed with Arun sponsoring the first round of drinks. Well, lets not get into what actually happened at the pub. All I can say is that I reached home at 2:00 am. I think that says it all.

Heres something for people who like to involve themselves with mindless fun. There is this small application called WhatPulse which quietly sits in your system tray and counts the number of keystrokes and mouseclicks that you do. It keeps the count online and then they have country-wise and team-wise listings in which you get our own rankings. Currently India is ranked 26th in the world, so lets get the counter ticking and start using it!!! Go to their website by clicking below and download their client and start pulsing!!

Khelo India Khelo!!

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