Sabbatical number 2

“With Discrete Time Systems and Microwaves and Optic Fibre Communications playing hide-n-seek with my gray cells (few as they are), I think its time I undertook the much needed voyage to wage the battle and finish them off once and for all.

With this I proclaim:
Thou shalt not cease getting thy lazy bum to this blog. Thou shalt not cast this blog into oblivion.

And as Arnold Scwarzenegger would put it: “”Astalavista baby, and I’ll be back””.

All this said, I have one more announcement to make. In case you guys havent noticed, I have started a new forum which can be found by clicking here. This is a concept that I have been contemplating on for a long time. A central place for bloggers to interact. At times it becomes difficult to visit all the blogs and check out the best of them. Of course it does not mean NOT visiting the blogs. But much needed interaction is avoided due to inconvenience of visiting all the blogs. So heres the new forum which goes by the name of Blogger’s Park.

With this I shall leave you for about a month or so. I shall keep visiting my BlogJocks as and when time permits.

A tormented soul in engineering,
with a gamut of tasks to perform.

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