The buttress that supports us all

Its a bond that sees no boundaries.
No haggling politicians nor bureaucratic adversaries.

An unmistakable and unspoken bond between the civilians and the military seeths through the streets of this patriotic country. For years the men patrolling the borders of this vulnerable country have provided a much needed buttress protecting billions of souls.

One the eve of Diwali, The Times of India carried a photograph of the jawans lighting candles on the Indo-Pak fence. That really got the train of thoughts going. The people who protect you night and day are the very people who you blame for a plethora of trinkets. That look of pining on their face, pining for festivals that are just carved in their memories and those they haven’t celebrated for eons long gone, is enough to invoke a patriotic feeling in anyone.

But still all that our so-called leaders care about is their own skin.

Lets hear it for our jawans, Jai Hind.

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