Of festivities and more…

The changing face of Indian festivities often leaves me bemused. Especially that of the metropolitans. The gargantuan changes in lifestyles of people has literally dragged the festivals by the scruff of the neck and put ’em in a corner. Gone are those days when people used to celebrate with the pomp and splendor for generations to go by. Talking about Diwali, its just becoming apparent year after year. Living in a metro exhumes the sad truth that springs up in front of your eyes. One can just see the dwindling importance of the age-old festivals made known by some perspicacious old men.

Diwali has lost the charm. What used to be more of mithais and diyas, has now been replaced by chocolates, fire-crackers and fancy light-shades. At times the traditional values in a festival are more appealing and joyous than the contemporary ones. This year the Diwali has coincided with a weekend. Joy for work-a-holics. Sadness for a few. This maybe considered to be one of the several remaining nails of the coffin.

People living in Bombay would readily relate to this and realise that westernisation is seething in our veins. Stanch it.
Today we celebrate christmas with more enthusiasm than we do Diwali.

In yet another case, what used to be a festival of dry colors and plain water has turned into a one with synthetic chemicals, poisonous colors and inebriation.

Those of you who read The Times of India and its supplements would know about this one-panel-comic-strip called ‘Bottomline‘ by Morparia. It started out about a few years back and it has improved by leaps.

Covering sundry topics from Politics to Sports to Fashion to Bollywood, it has become the vox populi. Covered in subtle shades of laughter and sequestered characters it is totally in-your-face.
At times delicate issues are brought forth with such precision that no politician or public face could ever do.

It has truly evolved. Long live Morparia.

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